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Become who you were meant to be

Merge is a boutique firm committed to creating the space and teaching the skills to look internally to live and lead more authentically. Our commitment to every individual, team, organization and community we partner with is that we will challenge your status quo. We’ll meet you at the level of your head and your heart and challenge you to “get real” with yourself and others. We will partner with you to create a space for more authentic conversations that will empower you to gain tremendous insight and achieve extraordinary results

Coaching in Community

About Merge Coaching

At Merge Leadership, we believe that healing happens in community and that deeper, purposeful relationships drive an organization's ability to achieve greatness. With our coaching and development programs, we help individuals unlock their full potential to drive transformational results for themselves and their organizations.

Holding Hands Up High

Conscious Leadership

Building Bridges



“Working with Merge Leadership Coaching has been an incredible experience. Their coaching programs have helped me unlock my full potential and achieve my professional goals.”

Jerry Bluetone

“I highly recommend Merge Coaching to anyone looking to take their career to the next level. Their coaching programs are top-notch and their team is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.”

Amanda Margott

“Since working with Merge Coaching, I have seen a significant improvement in both my personal and professional life. Their coaching programs are truly transformational.”

Trisha Fox

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