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Conscious Leadership

Unconscious, reactive behaviors can damage careers and hurt relationships.

Conscious Leadership provides leaders with skills, affirmation and support to navigate desired inner change and develop more capacity to act in ways that enable personal and professional success and fulfillment.

Image by Laurenz Kleinheider

This work can be done individually or in cohorts. When done in cohorts, organizations gain the benefit of deep trust among those who participate.


Cohorts can be tailored to a client’s particular situation yet typically consist of no more than 20 individuals who come together for a series of full day sessions.


One to One Coaching: A coach partners with the individual to gain insight into themself, enhancing behaviors that drive success and uncovering and changing limiting beliefs and behaviors that have them stuck in patterns they want to change.

Individuals have the opportunity to receive feedback using The Leadership Circle’s 360° Feedback assessment

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