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A new way of being for leaders, teams & organizations.

Coaching in Community

We are facing a time in history when the way we have lived and led will no longer work. These times require a new way of being with ourself and with others. At Merge Leadership we open new possibilities through courageous self-awareness and authentic connection. We believe that coaching in community is the best way to unlock the full potential of every individual and the organization as a whole.

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Over 25 Years of Experience Partnering with Organizations to Develop Constructive, Productive, and Purposeful Relationships That Drive Success

Conscious Leadership

"I walked into my first session looking for an exit strategy. Through our work together, I was able to articulate my purpose and identify what was holding me back. With Donna's affirming guidance, I got a C-level promotion and drove over $100M in revenue my first year in the role."

Building Bridges

"Merge coaches fostered an  environment where our cross-functional leaders yearned to come together. We showed up authentically and embarked in vital conversations. The result was a more aware group of leaders with a  level of trust that changed the speed of results and allowed for  new business outcomes to emerge."

Healing Spaces

"Engaging in Healing Spaces changed everything for me... I had tried group healing before, but this was different; I was with others who understood the reality of my professional world. I realized I hadn't addressed what I had gone through during my cancer treatment, and that was holding me back. I'm finally healing."

Supporting Leading Companies Worldwide

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The Role of
Healing at Work

Since Covid, over 70% of the US population has experienced some form of trauma, whether through illness, loss, or simply the compounding impact of ongoing work-related stress. Unaddressed trauma and stress are amplifying unconscious, reactive behaviors that hurt relationships, damage trust, and inhibit business results. The workplace can uniquely contribute to -- and benefit from -- their employees' healing and post-traumatic growth. 

Merge believes that healing happens in community. We help individuals, teams and organizations flourish by building constructive, collaborative relationships and unlocking personal meaning and purpose to create engaged, effective leaders who drive results.

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