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What’s the Outcome You Want?

Every day we ask and answer hundreds (maybe thousands) of questions that lead us in a particular direction.

Are you aware of the questions you’re asking yourself?

Are your questions taking you where you want to go?

The question “What outcome do I want?” has offered a north star for me repeatedly both with small decisions like whether to get myself out of bed for an early morning yoga practice to big decisions like how to handle a tough personal choice that would impact my relationship with an amazing, long-term client.

This question, What outcome do I want? shifts your focus from, How do I fix the problem? to, What's the direction I want to go?

Why does it matter?

Because the question you ask is everything. Imagine the difference in company performance from a leadership team that asks, “How do we survive these turbulent times?” (problem-focused) and one that asks, “Given our current environment, what is our vision for success this week? This month? This year? (outcome-focused)

The questions we ask, consciously or unconsciously matter!

It's cold and raining and I'm tired, what should I do? (Stay in bed where it’s warm!)

It’s cold and raining and I’m tired, what outcome do I want? (I want to stay healthy and vibrant which means I've got to get up and be active.)

Different question, different action.

Pause Practice

Before you participate in any call or virtual meeting today ask yourself, "What outcome do I want?"

Bonus Question: Based on my outcome, how do I need to show up?



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