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Choose Courage Over Comfort

Updated: Jan 16

Let me start by saying I don’t go to church as often as I’d like. However, this past week I went and quickly realized it wasn’t a coincidence I was there. The Minister began by saying, “Choose courage over comfort.”

Three days before I had realized I was slogging through day after day nestled safely and monotonously inside my comfort zone. (I wrote about this in my last post). Now, my comfort zone was being brought to my attention again. When the Minister finished speaking, he guided us into a silent reflection with this prompt, “Think of a person or situation where you’re being called to get out of your comfort zone and go deeper.”

For me, the answer was clear. I’ve talked about writing for years (and years and years…) but have had a string of excuses why I haven’t done it. I’m too busy with “real work”, My kids need my attention, I have way too much to do, I haven’t outlined what I want to write, and on and on.

Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey, authors of Immunity to Change, point to a study that found that when doctors tell heart patients they will die if they don’t change their habits, only one in seven will follow through successfully. Think about that, six out of seven people choose death over change! Why does that happen? Kegan and Lahey discovered that behind each of our habits is a strongly held belief, which sometimes works in our favor, keeping us moving toward our goals, and sometimes works against us, fighting any change that would take us out of our comfort zone.

Kegan and Lehay’s model to uncover the beliefs keeping us comfortable looks like this:

As I worked through this model, I realized My Big Assumption keeping from writing was, “I need to stay safe”. While this belief in and of itself is arguably a logical belief, applying it to writing is less logical. What’s really at risk if I publish a bad blog post? My pride, maybe, but I can certainly survive that.

So, I’ve made a commitment to choose courage over comfort. Watch for more regular blog posts from me in the coming year. My goal is to write content that inspires you (and me) to not only think but also act in new ways. I’d love your feedback and would love to talk with you online if anything I write inspires, challenges or even triggers you.

I’ll leave you with the challenge that brought me here,

Think of a person or situation where you’re being called to get out of your comfort zone and go deeper.



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