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Leading Through the Storm

A leader recently said to me, “I realize that to be grounded and successful at the times when it matters most, requires planning and preparation before those moments hit.”

I live in Chicago where you never know what the weather is going to serve up. One day you can walk out your door to birds singing, the sun shining and temperatures that are remarkably warm and welcoming. The next day you wake up to snow, wind howling and record low temperatures. That’s just how it is in Chicago. Anyone who lives in or near Chicago knows that the key to successfully navigating – and even enjoying - Chicago winters is to plan ahead. The snow blower must have a full tank of gas, shovels need to be pulled out and the kids need new snow pants that fit BEFORE the first snow hits (and you never know exactly when that may be).

Leadership is a lot like a Chicago winter.

In leadership you wake up each morning not knowing what you're going to get. Some days might be warm, sunny and welcoming and other days so biting and harsh that it throws you back on your heels.

When you get hit with a storm, you're not likely to automatically respond at your best. However, if you have been intentional in your preparation, you are a lot more likely to stay solid and grounded and lead in a way you feel good about later.

The way we show up when it matters most is directly linked to our preparation ahead of time.

Showing up the way you want to during the “storm” isn’t luck. It requires conscious planning and preparation.

Preparation to be grounded during the storms for me means daily practices like, working out; meditation; yoga; reflective writing and time spent with people I love and enjoy being with.

Give yourself a few minutes of quiet. Take a breath.

What gives you a sense of feeling grounded?

What are you doing now to show up as the leader you want to be during the next storm?

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