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Is It Time to Change Your Tone?

You're setting the tone (Is it time to change it?)

Imagine a leader walking into a meeting and yelling at the top of his lungs or talking so quiet no one can hear him.

Clearly, as leaders we aren’t on either of these extremes (at least no too often). However, we are somewhere in the middle and every time we open our mouths we say a lot. Research indicates that as much as 38% of our communication comes across in our tone, inflection and speed of our voice. 38% no matter what you say!

When my son was two-years old he walked around singing almost constantly. I started to wonder if he had dreams of becoming the next lead singer of One Direction or The Back Street Boys. He was singing so much that his grandmother began to affectionately call him “Pavarotti.” When he wasn’t singing he was talking – a lot. Sometimes he would decide to talk as loud as his little voice would go and other times he spoke in a voice that was barely a whisper. What does this have to do with you as a leader?

Your voice sets the tone for your organization.

As I watched my son experiment with finding his voice I found myself thinking about the power of our voice and how we use it. There are times we are metaphorically (or literally) shouting when a soft voice would do just fine and at other times we know at our core that we could stand to speak much louder and bolder than the voice we are using. We know, particularly as a leader, that we need to be more clear and courageous with what we are saying and how we are saying it.

Consider the situations you are currently facing as a leader, a parent, a person…

How are you using your voice?

Where do you need to speak louder and bolder than you are currently?

Where do you need to soften your voice or pause and listen to someone else?

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